This consists of office holders who are elected at the General Assembly and the Administrator of the Permanent Headquarters.

The body is charged with carrying out specific duties assigned at the General Assembly.

PRESIDENT – Miss Emma Nalianya

MSA; Association of Kenyatta University Medical Students (AKUMS), Kenya
Year of study: 6th Year
Email address:

Nalianya Emma is very passionate about improving healthcare and wellness in Africa and as such she was the Organizing Chairperson of the 33rd FAMSA General Assembly and Scientific Conference themed; Fortifying Primary Health Care to Attain Universal Health Coverage that brought delegates from different parts of Africa to deliberate and proffer sustainable solutions to healthcare challenges in Africa.
Being a graduate of the UNESCO Certificate Course on the Principles of Bioethics and Human Rights, Emma is very enthusiastic about Bioethics and Human Rights in Healthcare. She was a speaker on the topic: The Principles of Bioethics and Human Rights at Kenya Healthcare Students Association (KHSA) in 2018 and a panelist on the topic: Bioethics and Human Rights in Healthcare at Kenya Healthcare Students Summit (KEHSS) in 2019. She participated in the GoSCORP 2019 Rwanda that was focused on peace-building, human rights and volunteering.
Emma has participated in many conferences; both international and local, such as the 33rd FAMSA General Assembly and Scientific Conference, International Conference on Neglected Tropical Diseases, African Women Health Summit and the International Conference on Population Development-25. These conferences have exposed her to various health challenges across the globe and she is motivated to be a change maker.
Giving back to society is fulfilling for Emma and as such she volunteers with Endometriosis Foundation of Kenya and People’s Health Movement.


MSA: Gazira University Medical Students’ Association (GMSA), Sudan.

Year of study: 3rd Year
Email address:
Social media handles: Athkar Yasir


Laura Nyiha

MSA: Association of Kenyatta University Medical Students (AKUMS), Kenya
Year of study: 3rd Year
Twitter – @nyiha8
Instagram – lauranyiha

Laura Nyiha is passionate about policy making, implementation and advocacy. Strong believer of better health care systems and equal health rights.

TREASURER– Faith Anne Nyagichuhi Mararo

MSA: Association of Kenyatta University Medical Students (AKUMS), Kenya
Year of study: 3rd year

Nyagichuhi Mararo

Nyagichuhi Mararo is a strong-willed lady who is energetic towards improvement of healthcare in her world around.
She served as the Vice Chair Logistics in the 33rd FAMSA GA and Scientific conference. She is a volunteer with Reproductive and Sexual Health Programme for Kenyan Teenagers RESPEKT. She is also serving as the Local Officer in the Standing Committee on reproductive, sexual health and HIV/AIDS under the Medical Students Association of Kenya, MSAKE. She has a dream of transforming healthcare in Kenya till it is one of the best medical tourism destinations.


Mohammed Amin Osman

MSA: Nile Valley University Medical Students Association (NVUMSA), Sudan
Year of study: 2nd Year
Email address:


Mustapha Aminu Tukur

MSA: Ahmadu Bello University Medical Students Association (ABUMSA), Nigeria
Year of study: 4th Year Email address:

Mustapha is a medical student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria who is passionate about medical students’ representation in decisions concerning their training as well as an advocate for interprofessional collaboration towards better health care delivery.
He is the immediate past Chairman of the Standing Committee on Medical Education and Research (SCOMER) for the Federation of African Medical Students Associations (FAMSA).


Asifiwe Batezi Rebecca

Year of study: 5th year
Email adress:

I am a student of University of Goma ( UNIGOM) pursuing Medical studies; now in my 5th year doctorate level. I’m holding the presidential position of MSA-DRC since 2019.
I am an activist for Women’s rights; and work locally for the promotion of the accessibility to first aid by the entire community in the North Kivu particulariy and in the DRC in general:
I work also in the sector of Entrepreneurship; having launched a brand called Rephi Soap in the first month of this year.


Monde Mungandi

MSA &country: UBMSA- Botswana
Year of study:2nd year
Quote: “Dear young medic…You are a product of your mindset. Sometimes it’s okay to live a life that nobody might understand. It’s okay to have dreams bigger than your size, or dreams so great you can’t sleep at night. Get up, work, get that degree! As doctors, we will constantly fight the battle between life and death. You save some, you’ll lose some, but keep on going young medic. They won’t understand why you chose such a profession; the late nights, fatigue, the burnout. It all falls back onto doing what you love. Follow the call of your heart and Keep on going.”


MSA: University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Associations (UIMSA), Nigeria
Year of Study: 6th year


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EX-OFFICIO– David Jolly Muganzi

David Jolly Muganzi

MSA: Mbarara University Medical Students Association (MBUMSA), Uganda.
Year of study: 3rd year
Email address:

Muganzi David is a medical student at Mbarara University of science and technology-Uganda. He has served in various leadership roles including Vice President of the FAMSA 20182019, President of the students’ one health innovation club at my university, project secretary of Camp Karamoja, Publicity secretary of Student’s network organization(SNO)-Uganda among others. He participated in the organization of the of the 32nd FAMSA general assembly-Ibadan, Nigeria as an International campus ambassador. He was also part of the organizing committee for the FAMSA East African regional meeting 2019-Eldoret, Kenya and the FAMSA GA 2020-Nairobi, Kenya. He founded the Change climate change project which is aimed at initiating youth action against climate change through a one health perspective with emphasis on innovation. He is also the founder and CEO of Horizon Hub which is a tech-startup which provides IT services and connects youth with IT skills to clients. He is a founding board member of the Fourth Heritage Initiate, an organization spearheading mindset transformation in Africa. David has received awards including the MBUMSA Pre-clinical student of the year 2017 and Junior scholar award from Washington University in St. Louis-2019. During his free time, he enjoys swimming, playing electric guitar and chess. He is also an ardent reader of civilizational history and philosophy.

EX- OFFICIO 2– Sheryl Nam

Sheryl Nam

MSA: Medical Students Association of Moi University (MSAMU), Kenya
Year of study: 3rd year
Email address:

She has served as FAMSA East Africa Regional Coordinator 2018/2019 and is currently the president of MSAMU. She is passionate about mental health and also currently serving as the Finance Officer of Tubonge Eldoret which is an organisation formed by medical students to address mental health issues among the students and community. She is also passionate about women empowerment and eradication of poverty in Africa, looking into the cause and not just dealing with the effect.
She refers to herself as a lover of many things and love bringing things to life specifically in violin, fashion and photography.