Chairman: Kojo Philemon

Contact: +234 803 887 3867

The Chairman of SCOHE shall:

  • Be responsible for the work which is carried out within FAMSA in the field of health and Environment.
  • Advise the member associations on problems of health and environment.
  • Maintain close liaison with other bodies conducting investigation of working in the field of health and environment.
  • Be responsible for carrying out Drug Appeals to drug firms in various countries for FAMSA Health and Environment project.
  • Be responsible for carrying out appeal for medical equipment to be used by member Associations that require them.
  • Be responsible for contacting other international organizations in order to investigate the possibilities of obtaining active participation of medical students in the world health and environment problems.
  • In the event of a national disaster resulting in a worldwide appeal for drugs and medical equipment, immediately contact the, President of FAMSA and, with his approval, circulate to all member associations information about the current commitments of SCOHE / and advise them as to which drug firms and other bodies in their countries might be approached to meet the appeal.