Chairman: Jamal Abdirashed Osman

Contact: +252 634 351 816

The chairman of scopa shall be responsible for coordinating and guiding the work of the Committee in the field of Population Activities which shall include:-

  • Furnishing the member association with the current FAMSA regulations and guidelines for Population Activities.
  • Inviting and receiving notification, names of MSA officers, for Population Activities from member Associations whose students may be willing to abide by the regulations and guidelines and who would undertake full participation in this area in their localities. Such notifications should reach the SCOPA not later than six (6) weeks after General Assembly.
  • Consolidation arrangement with the medical school authorities for co-operation and supervision of the Population Activities of the respect member Associations.
  • Drawing up a list of names of MSA officers of participating member associations.
  • Forwarding such a list to SCOPE for Health Educative School arrangements not later than eight (8) weeks after the General Assembly.
  • Maintaining close liaison with other bodies conducting investigations of working in the field of Population Activities.
  • Distributing information and advice by sending periodic circular letters to all MSA officers for Population Activities which shall include:- List of new literature on Population Activities, summaries of reports received from various MSA officers- by Chairman SCOPA, Details of future conference dealing with Population Activities .
  • Compiling a report of its activities in Population Activities, as well as its evaluation of its success, for presentation to the Executive Council and General Assembly.
  • Exploring avenues to study its conduct and co-ordination of Population Activities and thus aim at making recommendations for improvement concerning FAMSA regulations for Population Activities.