• FAMSA Headquarters is a permanent address for use by International Organizations, Governments, Corporations, other bodies and private citizens whose goodwill and co-operation FAMSA has sought, for assistance in the execution of FAMSA projects in any part of Africa.
  • FAMSA Headquarters is a centre for archives of FAMSA and a pivot for information and communication, membership recruitment, interagency collaboration and building of partnerships.
  • The FAMSA Headquarters has an Administrator, a general advisory board and a caretaker Association.
  • The Administrator is appointed by the out-going members of the Headquarters Board through a thorough selection process (which shall include an interview session with a scoring system to be agreed upon by the members of the Headquarters Board).
  • The Administrator is the head of the FAMSA Headquarters and coordinates all her activities.
  • The Administrator constitutes the Headquarters Board from members of the caretaker association.
  • In the event of the expiration of the tenure of an executive council, the Headquarters Board takes over the running of the association till a new executive is elected.
  • The permanent headquarters of FAMSA is the University College Hospital, Ibadan, with the caretaker association being the University of Ibadan Medical students Association (UIMSA).
  • The current administrator is Mr. Abdulbasit Fehintola


Below are members of the Headquarters’ Board for the 2019/2020 tenure: