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The chairman of SCOPE shall:

  • be responsible for co-ordination and guiding the work of the committee in the field of Professional exchange, which shall include:
  • Consolidating arrangements in his/her medical school through the authorities for hosting the FAMSA Health Educative School.
  • drawing up detailed programme for the health educative school covering elective Postings and Activities, Information Exchange Conference and study tours.
  • Draw up a detailed budget for accommodation and feeding of delegates to the Health Educative School.
  • Ensure proper understanding by the government of its country or states or school authority of the necessity of this project in order to generate financial support for the Health Educative School.
  • Present the above planning and budgeting for approval by the Executive Council through the Secretary-General at the second Executive Council meeting.
  • Forward a comprehensive report on the Health Educative School to SCOPUB, not more than four weeks after the Health Education School for publication.
  • Present a comprehensive report of the running and cost of the Health Educative School to the Executive Council/General Assembly.
  • Explore sources of information and knowledge to develop improved professional exchange activity, regulations and guidelines as well as policy guidance for recommendation to the Executive Council/General Assembly.