For a Medical Students Association (MSA) to be regarded as a member of FAMSA, the MSA must agree to abide by the constitution and must represent students studying medicine at the medical school/faculty. In the event that more than one MSA applies from a medical school, membership shall be granted to the MSA that represents the majority of the medical students in the medical school/faculty. This would be subject to verification by the head of the medical school/Faculty.


The following documents are to be submitted as an attachment via email to the Administrator of the FAMSA Headquarters board at

  • An official application letter addressed to the FAMSA president and signed by the president and secretary of the applying MSA
  • All applications shall be sponsored by the head of medical school or faculty and should include a letter of approval signed by the medical school authority (provost or dean)
  • An original copy of its constitution in English and French
  • A summary of its activities, past, present and future.

Members who have fulfilled the criteria will be ratified by the General Assembly which must be attended by at least two representatives from the MSA.