June 10: Men’s health week, World Sickle cell day

June 14:World blood donation day

July 11: World population day

July 28: World Hepatitis day

August 1-7: Breastfeeding awareness week

September 10: World suicide prevention day

September 17: World patient safety day

September 26: World contraception day

September 28: International day of safe abortion

October 2020: Breast cancer awareness month

October 7: Health exposition day

October 10: World Mental Health day

October 15: Global handwashing day

October 16: World food day

November 3-9: World Antibiotics awareness week

November 12: World pneumonia day

November 14: World diabetes day

November 25: International day of elimination of violence against women

December 1: World AIDS day

December 12: World UHC day