Kenyatta University, Kenya

27th to 29th Feb. 2020

Fortifying Primary Health Care to Achieve Universal Health Coverage

The agenda of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is of utmost importance to the African continent and the world at large. It requires ardent advocates who will champion it to the public and through policy making.

Medical students, if motivated well through training and appropriate mentorship, stand a chance of adapting Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and implementing it by 2030.

This General assembly by FAMSA provides a platform for professionals experienced in UHC to motivate and recruit medical students into UHC advocacy.

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-Improving Primary Health Care through Research to attain Universal Health Coverage
-Communicable Diseases and Antimicrobial resistance
-Mental health & substance abuse
-The role of the Youth in Sexual and Reproductive Health
-The progress of Universal Health Coverage in Africa
-The place of Complementary and Alternative medicine in Universal Health Coverage

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