Call for application for vacant positions in the FAMSA Southern Africa Regional Committee

Greetings FAMSA Southern Africa

This is a call for application for vacant positions in the FAMSA Southern Africa Regional Committee

1. Carefully read the contents of this call before proceeding to the attached Application Form

2. Read through the following documents:

FAMSA summary

FAMSA Regional Committee

3. The following is a list of vacant positions in the regional committee

                i.              Regional Secretary

             ii.             Finance Officer

                iii.            Vice Regional Coordinator External Affairs

                iv.           Vice Regional Coordinator Internal Affairs

                v.            Vice Regional Coordinator Membership and Capacity Building

4. Link to the Application form: click here

5. Deadline :- April 16, 2021 10:00 PM GMT


The Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations (FAMSA) is an independent, non-political federation of medical students associations in Africa. The organization was founded in 1968 as a Nigerian, Ghanaian and Ugandan initiative to foster the spirit of friendship and cooperation among African Medical Students. FAMSA is a project oriented medical student body, recognized by the WHO & the AU as the official international forum of African Medical Students. 

FAMSA Southern Africa is one of the five FAMSA Regions.

Prepare the following documents for your application.

i.              A document that shows you are currently a medical student and your year of study from institution you are learning.  It can be scanned/photo of school ID or letter from your institution.  

ii.             A letter that shows you are a member of Medical students’ Association (MSA) in your institution which is signed by the MSA president or other responsible body in the MSA.

Selection criteria

1. Motivation for applying

2. Relevant Experiences

3. Competence and Commitment

4. Medical students’ Association, Country and gender distribution will be considered

5. Selection will be guided by the FAMSA Constitution and bylaws.

Don’t hesitate to enquire at:   or +263771732111 (on whatsapp)

All the best

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