Application for the position North Africa FAMSA Officer

The Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations (FAMSA) is an independent, non political organization. It was founded in 1968 as an initiative to foster the spirit of friendship and cooperation among African Medical Students.

FAMSA is a project oriented medical students’ body. She is recognized by the WHO and the AU as the official international forum of African medical students.


To become a strong network of medical students, aware of global health issues and responsive to the current questions facing the medical profession and global health.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Offices.

1.FAMSA Officers

❖ Monitoring the activities of Standing Committee Local Officers in their MSA.

❖ Issuing Activity certificates to Local Officers upon completion of an activity and

completing the activities worksheet.

❖ Writing monthly reports and submitting to the Vice-Regional Coordinator Internal Affairs (VRCI).

❖ Representing their MSAs in the bi-monthly Regional Committee meetings.

❖ Publicise the activities of the Regional Committee in their MSAs such as workshops, seminars and the Regional Conference.

❖ Reporting a change of Presidents in their MSA.

2. Finance Officer

❖ Assist the Regional Coordinator to control the finances of the Region.

❖ Prepare an annual budget of the Region.

❖ Prepare a financial report to be submitted, via the Regional Coordinator, to the FAMSA Treasurer every 6 months or per request of the FAMSA Treasurer or the Regional


❖ Assist the Regional Coordinator with seeking sponsorship, fund-raising and financial partnerships in collaboration with the VRCE.

3.Vice-Regional Coordinator External Affairs (VRCE)

❖ Assist the Regional Coordinator to improve the image of FAMSA in the Region as well as

establish fruitful contacts with Regional and National organizations.

❖ Assist the Regional Coordinator to search for partners, funders, sponsors and supporters for the Region.

❖ Be responsible for the Regional Social Media Accounts.

4. Vice-Regional Coordinator Internal Affairs (VRCI)

❖ Assist the Regional Coordinator to coordinate FAMSA Officers in the Region.

❖ Assist the Regional Coordinator to follow, support, supervise and monitor ground works of MSAs.

❖ Receive monthly reports from FAMSA officers on the activities of the Local Officers of

Standing Committees.

❖ Motivate MSAs by providing opportunities and recognitions for the best performing MSA.

❖ Represent the Regional Coordinator in Regional Activities when he can not.

❖ Increase the intimacy of MSAs and The Regional Council.

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