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ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE; Can we stop it before it stops us?

Antibiotics, once considered one of the best discoveries of the 20th century have now become a problem with the rise of antibiotic resistance in our health care facilities and even in the community. With this we have studied that effective use of any antibiotic is compromised by the possibility of developing resistance to the active component of the drug.

According to C. Lee Ventola and colleagues, main causes of antibiotic resistance are overuse, inappropriate prescribing, extensive agricultural use, unavailability of newer antibiotics and poor regulatory barriers. The CDC reports that every year 2 million people in the US acquire serious infections with bacteria that are resistant to one or more

Everyone is to blame. The government, the health personnel and even the patient. If the government permits antibiotics to be sold over the counter in all pharmacies, we cannot expect change. If Doctors give wrong prescriptions in terms of dosages or drug choices, what do we expect? And patients who choose to skip a dose of their medication rather than skipping alcohol at an event and not forgetting those who have mini-pharmacies in their bags for ‘rainy days’, what do we expect?

The problem of antibiotic resistance may increase exponentially if nothing is done within 20 years, resistant strains of germs are transmitted from one person to another and the death rates keep increasing, cost of preventing and treating infections has increased drastically, more and more money goes to research for development of newer and safer antibiotics.

Now we must understand that the fight against antibiotic resistance must not be left to doctors alone.

Linonge E. Christie
7th year –Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Buea, Cameroon.


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